DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services

We assist Software Development and IT Operations teams in transforming their work culture to adopt those DevOps elements that have the highest business value, leveraging process and task automation.

We assess and encourage the implementation of DevOps in relation to the pillars of Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing. We establish operational standards to direct teams to concentrate intently on the anticipated customer outcomes, supporting the adoption of consistent practices across the IT organization by enabling the right awareness and training for everyone involved.

Some of the specific services we provide are:

  • Assess your full Value Stream, from Software Development to IT Operations capabilities.
  • Recommend a new or improved DevOps architecture with a superior DevOps pipeline.
  • Optimize and integrate any of your existing DevOps tools.
  • Implement any other necessary tool, vendor-agnostic, to obtain better business outcomes.

Reference DevOps Architecture

Sample Global Lynx DevOps Service Solution
The Evolution of IT Organizations

IT organizations' needs are constantly evolving in the digital age. In the past decades, the need was standardizing ITSM and other practices to become a strategic asset for the business.

The evolution of IT organization

As businesses started their journey through Digital Transformation, the need then became introducing Agility in Software Development.

The evolution of IT organization

Even though some parts of the IT organization are Agile, some others still remain focused on processes and control. This is where the big disconnect within IT started to occur—Software Development focused on innovation, and IT Operations focused on stability.

The need then becomes integration and collaboration between Dev and Ops, with a focus on the agile development, deployment and management of products and services to actively support Digital Transformation.

DevOps Code Plan Test Build Release Monitor Respond Learn
Why DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural movement based on human and technical interactions to improve relationships and results.

Why businesses need DevOps?

  • Every business has become a tech business.
  • Consumers have developed “app” mentalities.
  • Customers value outcomes, not products.
  • Time to value is replacing time to market.
  • IT must go faster, faster, faster without risking quality.
  • The disconnect between Dev and Ops teams slows down the value stream.
  • IT no longer needs to align or integrate with the business, IT is the business.

Successful DevOps relies on the adoption and integration of multiple frameworks and methodologies

DevOps Lean Agile IT Service Manager

In order to achieve the benefits intended by DevOps, a holistic approach to these items should be taken:

CALMS Culture Automation Lean Measurement Sharing
DevOps Training and Certification Courses

As a Registered Education Partner (REP) of the DevOps Institute, we offer a comprehensive portfolio our courses to develop people skills, no matter what their role is. These courses focus on the most modern competencies and hireable skills requires by today's organization adopting DevOps.

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