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The EC-Council’s Network Security Administrator certification looks at the network security in defensive view, while the CEH certification program looks at the security in offensive mode. 

The ENSA Course is for experienced hands in the industry and is backed by a curriculum designed by the best in the field. Students can gain greater industry acceptance as seasoned Network Security professional. Students learn to configure firewalls, intrusion detection systems and AV systems. Develop effective security policy in the company.

The ENSA program is designed to provide fundamental skills needed to analyze the internal and external security threats against a network, and to develop security policies that will protect an organization’s information. 

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To provide fundamental skills needed to analyze the internal and external security threats against a network, and to develop security policies that will protect an organization’s information.

Students will learn how to evaluate network and Internet security issues and design, and how to implement successful security policies and firewall strategies.

In addition, they will learn how to expose system and network vulnerabilities and defend against them. 


This course is aimed to:

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • Firewall Administrators 
  • Network Managers
  • IT Managers
  • IT Professionals
  • Anyone who is interested in network security technologies 


The ENSA 312-38 exam will be conducted on the last day of training. Students need to pass the online exam to receive the ENSA certification. 


  • It is structured in thematic units, each of them presents a part of the theory followed by practical exercises of review and understanding.
  • The material used is in English and includes theory, practical exercises and complementary information.
  • Includes an EC-Council certification exam.
  • A certificate of completion is delivered.
  • Has a duration of 5 days.
  • Has a minimum capacity of 5 and a maximum of 25 participants.


The certification exam has the following characteristics:

  • Test delivery: Online through the EC-Council Exam portal • Number of Questions: 50
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Test Duration: 2 hours
  • Test Format: Multiple choice 


The course has the following topics:

  1. Fundamentals of Networks

  2. Network Protocols

  3. Protocol Analysis

  4. Hardening Physical Security

  5. Network Security

  6. Security Standards Organizations

  7. Security Standards

  8. Security Policy

  9. IEEE Standards

  10. Network Security Threats

  11. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  12. Firewalls

  13. Packet Filtering and Proxy Servers

  14. Bastion Host and Honeypots

  15. Securing Modems

  16. Troubleshooting Network

  17. Hardening Routers

  18. Hardening Operating Systems

  19. Patch Management

  20. Log Analysis

  21. Application Security

  22. Web Security

  23. E-Mail Security

  24. Authentication: Encryption, Cryptography and Digital Signatures

  25. Virtual Private Networks

  26. Wireless Network Security

  27. Creating Fault Tolerance

  28. Incidence Response

  29. Disaster Recovery and Planning

  30. Network Vulnerability Assessment

Advantages offered by Global Lynx

Our instructors are certified in different EC Council, Information Security, Cloud Computing and Risk Management disciplines and have an extensive experience in:

  • The design and implementation of Information Security Management Systems in the private and in the public sector.

  • The selection, implementation and configuration of tools and controls which support the Information Security management and which are the ones of most standing and acknowledgement in the market.

  • First and second level audits for Information Security Management Systems.

  • Teaching various ITSM, ISO, Information Security and Risk Management courses in the academic and professional field

The participant receives a high quality, didactic material in English developed by EC-Council. 

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