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Professional Cloud Service Manager

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24 hours – On-site or Virtual with live trainer

The EXIN CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager certification is a globally recognized certification for Service Management professionals. Being a Professional Cloud Service Manager certified showcases service management experience in a cloud environment, relevant skills and knowledge, and demonstrates that you are capable to manage the various stakeholders within the enterprise.

  • Official accredited student material
  • Practical exercises
  • Course completion diploma
  • Official certification exam
    Course details
  1. What will I achieve?
  2. Who is this course for?
  3. What are the exam characteristics?
  4. What are the course contents?
  5. Payment methods

What will I achieve?

  • Learn the fundamental concepts related to cloud service management.
  • Learn basic terminology related to cloud service management.
  • Learn the relationship between IT Service Management (ITSM) and cloud service management.
  • Discover how cloud computing is changing how IT is managed and delivered.
  • Understand the difference between IT, Business and Consumer perspectives.
  • Learn cloud management roles and their main responsibilities.
  • Learn how to produce an initial cloud adoption strategy.
  • Learn how to operate cloud services.
  • Understand key factors that contribute to the cost of cloud based services.
  • Learn the different governance layers applicable to IT and Cloud Service Management.
  • You will be able to demonstrate how to link cloud value back to IT strategy.

Who is this course for?

  • ITIL Certified professionals
  • Service Managers
  • Service Management Professionals
  • Cloud Strategy and Management Professionals

What are the exam characteristics?

  • Time allocated: 75 minutes
  • Number of questions: 25 Scenario Based, Complex multiple-choice
  • Passing score: 65% (16 correct answers)
  • Format: Online; closed-book
  • Prerequisites: At least 4 hours of personal study during the course are recommended.
When will I know my exam results?

When the exam is paper-based, the results will be notified to the participant afterwards through email. When it is web-based, the participant will get the results immediately after finishing the exam.

What happens if I fail the exam?

The participant who fails the exam may take it again any times at extra cost. No time window between exams is required.

What are the course contents?

  • 1 Cloud Service Management Fundamentals
  • 2 Cloud Service Management Roles
  • 3 Cloud Service Management Strategy
  • 4 Cloud Service Management Design, Deployment and On-boarding
  • 5 Cloud Service Management
  • 6 Cloud Service Management Economics
  • 7 Cloud Service Management Governance
  • 8 Showing the value of cloud services
  • 9 Popular service management frameworks

Payment methods:

  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card (via PayPal)

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