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Excellence in Value Creation (EVC™)


For business and technology leaders seeking to demonstrate and achieve better business results and higher return from their transformation initiatives, Global Lynx offers the complete portfolio of EVC services and solutions from Glomark-Governan.

Global Lynx consultants will assist you in tailoring an EVC solution to your unique organization needs, giving your leaders and teams the power to realize the best economic and strategic outcomes because of our unique services and the proprietary framework for Excellence in Value Creation (EVC™).

Tailored Excellence in Value Creation Solutions

All the EVC services and solutions are delivered using the models and enabling methods of the EVC framework version 4. Glomark-Governan has been enhancing the EVC framework since 1992, and over 15,000 business and technology professionals use the elements of EVC in their organizations to supplement their business needs.

One of the essential EVC enabling methods in the EVC Framework is the method for Strategic Agility— which allows organizations to be agile and strategic at the same time.

Using the EVC Strategic Agility method, leaders and their organizations can ensure that their investments in solutions that are implemented with an agile approach are creating a positive impact on the strategic capabilities and with strategic outcomes.

Excellence in Value Creation (EVCTM) Model for Strategic Agility

Excellence in Value Creation (EVC™) Services & Solutions:

An EVC solution usually includes one or more consulting services, and depending on your needs may also include training for your team on one or multiple EVC certification programs. The EVC enabling methods from the EVC Framework are used in the delivery of the EVC consulting service and included in the chosen EVC training program.

All the EVC enabling methods can be practiced in Excel or any other tool; however, Global Lynx also offers as an option a subscription to the VALTICS SaaS platform—a Value-as-a-Service tool that facilitates the use of the EVC enabling methods.

Optimize Your Customer Value Journey

The EVC services and solutions available from Global Lynx include:

Strategic Business Transformation

This EVC solution is for organizations that are defining or implementing a digital transformation strategy, and need assistance in determining where ‘change’ is required in the organization (i.e., supply chain or shared services). The EVC consultant will help you identify the type of need and the necessary degree of change in the organizational assets (i.e., people, process, technology, products, services, and data); and then, identify the type of solution and its components that would create the necessary business outcomes and strategic goals.

In addition to a strategic consulting service, this option can include workshops or training for the participating stakeholders for orientation and skill development on the EVC enabling methods. It can also contain reports and access to the VALTICS platform to perform strategic scenarios, portfolio analysis, and prepare solutions’ business case and ROI.

Solution Benefits and Value Model

This EVC solution is for product teams, innovation leaders, marketing, and solution architects that need to define a value model or template for a specific system, service, or technology solution. The EVC service includes workshops to identify, define, and economically quantify the tangible and intangible benefits of any solution.

Besides the assistance to build the solution value model, the EVC service and solution can include training on the EVC method on the ‘means to quantify any benefit economically.’ The stakeholders will know how to edit the economic benefits in the future or create additional value models, benefits, and templates for other solutions.

The solution value model can be created as a template in Excel or on the VALTICS platform. VALTICS is a SaaS tool that would allow the stakeholders to share the solution value model with any other person in their enterprise, to facilitate rapid ROI analysis of the solution(s) for any internal or external customer.

solution value model

Enabling Value Selling

For B2B organizations that need to increase their sales closure-rate and maximize the effectiveness of each of the stages of their marketing and sales process, we can provide an EVC solution that enables an effective value selling practice. Sales teams and channel partners can implement an EVC-based approach using elements of the EVC framework and VALTICS functions in their complete marketing and sales processes.

We will assist you in assessing, prioritizing, and improving each of your customer value journey touchpoints. The goal will be to allow your customers to understand the value that your solutions and services provide to them in each touchpoint with members of your organization -from sales conversations to proposal presentation, to closing, to service agreements’ renewal. The objective of the EVC consulting service will be to increase your enterprise’s competitive positioning throughout the stages of your marketing, sales, and service processes, and beat your competitors to win more orders.

Rapid ROI and Business Case

For teams that need to perform Rapid ROI analyses or Business Cases for internal or external customers, we can assign an EVC framework expert consultant, to help you quickly prepare the economic and strategic justification of any solution, project, or program.

Using the library of over 1,000 solution Use Cases with benefits from the VALTICS library will allow the EVC consultant to help you prepare a compelling and objective financial and strategic justification for any solution in hours; saving you days or weeks of effort.

Business Value Plan

According to leading research firms, over 40% of the investments in digital and advanced technologies fail to deliver the expected business outcomes. This EVC solution provides the consulting service to assist you in turning a business case into a Business Value Plan (BVP™). The BVP, in addition to the economic justification of the solution(s) to be implemented, will also include the necessary elements to ensure that the correct stakeholders effectively measure the forecasted benefits.

The EVC consultant will assist your team in defining the correct SLAs for the internal and external benefactors and the appropriate KPIs for the internal or external beneficiaries.

Using the EVC enabling methods, and the optional VALTICS platform, the assigned EVC consultant, will also perform a Causation and Uncertainty Analysis, to identify the factors and constraints that may affect or prevent the realization of the expected business outcomes.

Project and Portfolio Value Management

Projects, programs, and portfolios tend to focus on the implementation of the assets and operational resources and tacking the expenses of the initiative. However, and to ensure that project stakeholders are also focused on benefits and value realization, an EVC consultant will assist and coach the project leaders (e.g., product manager, scrum master) and the appropriate stakeholders in the proper use of the EVC Enabling Tools and EVC Models to ensure validation and collaboration on the realization of the benefits.

In the case of portfolio initiatives with multiple programs and solutions, the EVC consultant will provide the necessary support to ensure that the portfolio is creating the best economic and strategic value for the enterprise.

If necessary, the VALTICS platform can be used as a tool to run a portfolio economic analysis, to forecast the overall impact in the enterprise's cash flow, and help in the prioritization of the technical components, the and strategy of implementation.

Complex Solution Value Mapping

Large digital transformation initiatives involve multiple layers of technical and business components. From data management to cybersecurity, to users’ applications for transactional functions or automation, a complex solution is best defined when a complete business value creation map is done to ensure that all the benefactors (internal and external providers), the third party constituencies (e.g., commerce partners, government entities), and the beneficiaries (internal and external customers) are aware and agree on their role in the solution value causation—that is the role that each key stakeholder has to play in enabling business capabilities and the expected outcomes from the complex digital transformation solution.

The assigned EVC consultant will facilitate workshops to perform the complex solution value mapping and assist you in defining how the benefits of the overall solution will be measured, and the outcomes realized.

Excellence in Value Creation (EVC™) Training and Certification

EVC training and certification programs

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