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Attaining Visibility in an IT-DevOps Environment

Many people dream of being invisible, a superpower that has intrigued man since time immemorial. In today’s world of business and technology, we kind of have the opposite problem...
Jack Maher Jack Maher
2 min read

5 Reasons for Achieving Higher IT Process Maturity

All IT organizations have processes. Whether they acknowledge it or not, the activities they perform are part of a process, which may or may not be defined; but...
Manuel Garcia Manuel Garcia
2 min read

Top 5 Traits for a DevOps Readiness Assessment

With DevOps being one of the newest top priorities for IT organizations, it’s sometimes hard for IT managers to define what has to be in place before initiating...
John Buk John Buk
2 min read

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Enterprise Transformation Requires a New IT Value Creation Approach

Digital Transformation The Cloud, mobile devices, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT), have created a new digital era. Consumers and market conditions...
Ruben Melendez Ruben Melendez
2 min read