Ruben Melendez

  As President of Glomark-Governan, Ruben Melendez has been assisting CIOs, COOs, and CMOs, as well as IT, sales and marketing professionals for over the last 20 years, with their strategic and value creation plans. Ruben is also a strategic adviser for Global Lynx.


Ruben Melendez

4 Stories by Ruben Melendez

AI Solutions Justification – Not Your Typical TCO

A common method to financially justify investments in new solutions is using a reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) approach — identifying expenses...
1 min read

Intangible Benefits are Critical for a DevOps Program’s Success!

There are several reasons why many IT initiatives fail, and one of the key reasons is that intangible benefits are not included in the...
2 min read

Obtaining People’s Commitment to DevOps

Perhaps the most challenging item from the 7 Steps for a Successful DevOps Implementation is obtaining all the relevant stakeholders’ commitment to the DevOps initiative. The...
3 min read

Enterprise Transformation Requires a New IT Value Creation Approach

Digital Transformation The Cloud, mobile devices, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT), have created a new digital era. Consumers and market conditions...
2 min read