Manuel Garcia

  IT consultant with a focus on the required human capabilities for Digital Transformation. Global Lynx's US Regional and Operations Manager.


Manuel Garcia

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IT Service Management: The Ground Rules for the Game

You are at the beach with friends, the sun is high, the sea is calm, and the environment is inviting. Someone throws the ball...
2 min read

The Best First Step to Take when Adopting DevOps

DevOps adoptions are certainly something going trendy; not really because of being popular, but rather because our times demand it. The digital era has...
2 min read

7 Critical Reasons for Having a Proper DevOps Strategy in Place

DevOps has become without a doubt the new mainstream in IT. As common as ITSM processes were 10 years ago, now DevOps is what...
4 min read

From Information Security to Resilience to Antifragility

Information is without doubt the most critical asset to any business. You may lose people, but you can hire more; you may lose infrastructure,...
3 min read

Balance Control vs. Chaos to Allow for Innovation

I would be lying if I said I’ve enjoyed experiencing chaos in my life. I don’t believe anyone actually likes unforeseen (most times negative)...
2 min read

The Value Stream: What Customer Value Delivery Actually Looks Like

If you hold a management role, either in IT or in a business department, you are most likely aware that the metric of “time-to-market”...
2 min read

Focusing on People – The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

The Current State of Digital Transformation As we move into the new decade, one thing remains—and promises to remain—constant in IT: change in requirements...
2 min read

The Value of a DevOps Certification

With the recent formalization of DevOps as a cultural movement that is transforming the way in which IT areas work and collaborate, there has...
2 min read

5 Reasons for Achieving Higher IT Process Maturity

All IT organizations have processes. Whether they acknowledge it or not, the activities they perform are part of a process, which may or may...
2 min read